What’s this Social Booth about then?

2013-03-15 20.56.26

Large set up

Social Booth has been born out of a completely random idea that I had for a friends party. I was initially going to be taking the photo manually (I am a wedding and portrait photographer at  www.uptherighttree.com) but then wondered if it could be automated. People will respond better if there’s not someone telling them to be silly so I put together a little system and it worked beautifully with everyone using it and having fun.

The seed was planted! So I did a bit of research and figured out various ways of creating a booth that was easy to set-up and easy for the guests to use. I know there are plenty of booths out there but I wanted to do it slightly differently. For one thing I wanted to make it more affordable for people. This is the reason we don’t print the images. It’s cheaper for you, far easier to use and to be honest it’s one less thing to worry about during a booth session.

A typical Social Booth setup

Compact set up

This is where Social Booth comes in, we offer a solution with no photo printing so the cost is lower for everyone. So with us all the photos taken are uploaded live* from the booth onto Facebook and to this website for everyone to see. We can also upload to your Facebook page and website if needed. If you need a bit more privacy but still want the fun of a photo booth we can password protect the uploads to this website so only your guests will see the photos.

I know secretly that some people love to have their photograph taken but if I point a camera at them they all see to hide. Give them a few props and an photo booth and you’ll see their true side shine through. This is why I took the idea that bit further and created the Social Booth photo booth. It’s an affordable way to hire a photo booth for your event, party or wedding receptions.

Corporate users can have their images branded with their logo(s) for no extra charge.
*Provided a valid internet connection is available at the location