Social Booth vs printing photo booth

12 April 2013, Comments: 0

Did you know Social Booth doesn’t print the photos?

Why? you may ask…well let me explain.

Most places print one or two photos which is great if only one or two people go into the booth. What happens when y ou squeeze is 7 or 8 people into your booth, who gets to keep the print?

By only uploading your photos to the website, EVERYONE can get a copy. It’s their copy so they can share, print, email or just keep it as evidence of what a great time they had. That’s got to be a win win situation for you and for your guests.

The other element is that printing is expensive for you and for us so we reduce our costs which means we can make the hiring of the photo booth so much cheaper for you. No paper, no inks means you’re not paying the running costs. You are paying for our time and props etc.

Digital is the future baby! We think this is the best way to go.

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