How the photo booth works

How it works…it’s all very clever!

2013-12-19 19.15.32

A Christmas photo booth in Nottingham

Your guests come to our photo booth and are greeted with simple instructions on the screen, a bunch of props and a button. They’re advised to grab some props and press the big red button. The booth will then take 4 photos, 1 photo every 5 seconds. The booth then does all the clever stuff and uploads the photo to the Internet as quickly as possible (see below about “in case there’s no Internet connection available”).

Your guests will be given a card which has the web address they need ( or they can scan a QR Code using their smartphone to see the latest image from the booth plus the previous photos taken by the booth on that day. This website is mobile friendly so they can see their photo easily and download them with only a few clicks.

All the instructions on what to do will be made clear to the visitors so they should all be able to have a giggle at Uncle Bob in the big red wig.

The photos are also then uploaded to our Facebook page, Flickr and anywhere that’s requested.

See, told you it was clever!

Please note: The Social Booth is a non-printing booth. All images can be viewed online live during and after the event. You will also receive a disc with the images on to keep.

We deliver the photo booth to your location at a time that suits either you or the venue hosting your photobooth. We typically need at least 30 minutes before and after the event so it can be set-up and ready to go so when booking please make sure we can have access to the venue so that your booth can be ready in time.

We can supply many props but if you have anything you’d like to supply for your event then it’s fine with us. We cannot promise items won’t be broken but we will do our best to make sure guests look after all the bits.